ARTISTS – CSONGOR G. SZIGETI and the students of the Visual Art institute, Eger

100 Sparks’ public art project: “Colour my village” is a collaboration with media artist and teacher of the Visual Art Institute Csongor G. Szigeti. Csongor and his graphic design students are designing and realising artworks on the murals of Ipolytarnóc on the Art&skills Workshop Week between 3-9th June 2019. /

Szigeti Gábor Csongor (born 1980 in Miercurea-Ciuc, Transylvania) started his art studies in his native town as a sculptor, than he moved to Budapest (Hungary) where he studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Graphics and Intermedia Departments. In his diversified work one can find conceptual art, objects, kinetic sculptures, site specific, public artworks, installations, graphics, videos. Playful interaction is an essential element of his works, both in the field of design and art, many times viewers can become active part of the installations, interact in particular ways. He participates regularly in hungarian and international exhibitions, art projects, residencies and conferences, workshops, around the world, as invited artist, curator or organiser.

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