On the Be a spark – Art&skills workshop week the graphic design students of the Visual Art Institute, Eger, led by media artist Szigeti G. Csongor worked their magic and created amazing artworks on the walls of Ipolytarnóc together with the locals of the village, supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Artworks: “VAN LIFE” – designed by Bodnár Dorottya & Sztojka Melissza. BIZE BÖZSI (Galó Erzsébet) – designed by Dalmadi Sándor. MORE – designed by Bodnár Áron. 100SPARKS sunthief – designed by Csiby-Gindele Botond. Artworks were executed by Bodnár Áron, Bodnár Dorottya, Dalmadi Sándor, Döme Melinda, Katona Ádám, Nagy Zsófia, Majorosi Zsófia, Sztojka Melissza, Técsi Boglárka, Tomecz Dániel, students of the Visual Art Institute, Eger. Special thanks to Attila Balogh for the wall painting on Erzsi’s house! Thank You so much!

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