WO|V|EN is a shared platform for ideas. Four members, women architects (Anna Cséfalvay, Marianna Maczová, Danica Pišteková a Veronika Michalíková) bring together diverse backgrounds with a mutual interest in questioning and going beyond the limits of architecture. Its unconventional interpretations and understanding are everpresent in their common work. Their projects often overlap with other mediums, such as textile, poetics, art or new technologies. The idea of such cooperation came back in 2010 when they were all students of the Architecture department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. This is when their mutual friendship formed this unique professional bond which has been regularly interrupted by various academic and work-related internships abroad (Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Tallinn, Plymouth, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Vienna, Zurich, etc.). Woven functions as a non-governmental organization since 2014. Its profile has been shaped by taking part in various projects, competitions, gallery installations, exhibition concepts and so on. Another part of their portfolio is workshops organizing. The best-known one is for architecture students and takes place every summer since 2013 under the name [1:1] Workshop. It focuses on site-specific design and building timber constructions on a one-to-one scale. Woven remains open to all sorts of spatial challenges and keeps exploring the possibilities of realizing their ideas while seeking new experiences and wisdom.

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