January 11th, the beginning of a whole new story! We invited the 3rd year animation students and teachers of MOME – The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design to meet and greet the inhabitants of Ipolytarnóc!

Friday morning we took off in Budapest and headed to the Manor to meet Uncle Feri (89) to listen to his stories of the village. We cruised around the streets, checked out the snowy shores of river Ipoly, walked along the longest street and met the Major of Ipolytarnóc. A beautiful photo exhibition was prepared at the Cultural Centre. Students started brainstorming, sketching and drawing about ideas for the animation films they are about to make of Ipolytarnóc and 100 Sparks in the upcoming semester.

We feel very lucky to have the chance to cooperate with such a great art school and such an enthusiastic crew, we see art as a bridge between old and new, urban and rural, strange and familiar..and the best is yet to come, we can’t wait! Follow the adventure here!

Fortunately, the local boy gang showed up as well. Bmx bandits rock!

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