Meet the artists of MOME ANIM for 100 Sparks! 3rd year students of Moholy-Nagy Design University (major of animation) got the exciting challenge to create works around the topics of 100 Sparks and Ipolytarnóc. Presentation of all the 10 animation projects will be on the 7th June, 21h at the Major. Don’t miss it!

Farkas Szandra 

I am Szandra Farkas, I was born in Békéscsaba, and at the age of 16, I moved to Budapest to get into the mystical world of animation. I decided to learn this profession because cartoons affected me deeply as a child. As an adult, I realized that animation means much more than I thought. I think these little stories can have an impact on us, even in the long run, both as a child and as an adult.

Heppes Áron, Nemes Barna, Rolfesz Tamás

IPOLY (3D videogame)

Briefly about the game: We make a walking simulator game in and around Ipolytarnócon. This genre can be seen as an interactive film. A fictional (mysterious, fantastic) story unfolds in front of the player to get to know the world of the game through traces and spaces. Our goal is to introduce Ipolytarnóc to as many people as possible, preferably in an interactive, enjoyable way. Designers of the project: Áron Heppes (media design), Barna Nemes (animation), Tamás Rolfesz (animation). In our last half-year planning, we wanted to try something completely new. To tell a story we didn’t want to make a short film of a few minutes, but wanted to try to take advantage of another type of media. We were also curious, whether we could create such a large-scale project.

You can view our work on the following pages:,,

Parázs Bianka

I am Bianka, a graduate student of animation at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art. I’m work with illustration, graphics, and I’m a mother of the Reverb movement, one day I hope I’m going to draw the Earth around.

100 SPARKS, IPOLYTARNÓC ZINE // digital and print version: The page is a small zine that gives you an insight into Ipolytarnóc, the immeasurable goodness of the locals, the authentic environment, and the 100 Sparks project which means so much to the locals. I’m working with mixed techniques. I draw sketch-like manual drawings while highlighting the conversations for the sake of clarity.

MURAL PROJECT FOR THEWALL OF THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  // making of video for the SPARK movement. Children drawings and site-inspired mural plan that we would like to paint on the wall of the primary school. A making-of video, with a unique musical exposition that can represent the profound possibilities of the BE SPARK movement. My works are available at:

Juhász Levente

Levente drew the story of a lost bike of a little boy from Ipolytarnóc, in the style of the famous cartoon era, the 80s. An interactive Instagram page was created from his work! It’s super fun!  Check it out, click here!

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